Bitcoin Lightning Instant Payment Address i.e. Pay with BTC


Get your own Lightning payment address like so you can start receiving Bitcoin payments instantly! Pay for this product using Bitcoin.

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Introducing the Bitcoin Lightning Instant Payment Address, or “blipa” for short.

The existing Bitcoin network is enhanced by the Lightning network providing instant settlements and tiny transaction fees. This opens up endless possibilities for trade, especially for the unbanked and for those who were not born inside “the dollar bubble”.

Bitcoin Lightning allows for instant, secure and trustless Bitcoin payments between any two people, anywhere in the world, making it perfect for when you need to receive actual value, instantly!

With this revolutionary solution it means that not only can you can transact with anyone anywhere in the world without intermediaries, but compared to sending Lightning invoice addresses or QR code issues, a blipa makes it a lot easier for you and your customers to trade because you can speak your payment address, which you can’t do with an invoice or QR.

Say goodbye to copy and pasting loooooooooong Lightning URLs or the frustration of receiving a QR code on the device with the camera! For these situations you need a blipa!

Get your very own personalised blipa on your own domain name and say hello to the future of global monetary transactions.

The best blipas are easy to say over the telephone, on a podcast or on the fly in face to face conversations, maybe, or perhaps you prefer you can choose whatever you want it to say so it is complettely on-brand with your business.

With a blipa you can join the growing number of individuals, organisations, and countries that are adopting Bitcoin as a means of commerce and turbo charging their sales and settlement process with Bitcoin Lightning payments

Remember that the Bitcoin Lightning network adds INSTANT settlements to the Bitcoin network, so you will get paid at the exact moment you make a sale. Note the transaction fees are tiny with Bitcoin Lightning so you can also save on credit card processing fees every time you take a Bitcoin Lightning payment instead.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate in the new global economy. Add to basket now and we’ll take care of all the details for you. Make sure to provide us with your contact information during checkout so we can get in touch with you about your new blipa!

We look forward to becoming your Bitcoin partner for the future!

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