Bitcoin Nottingham Meetup group

Bitcoin Nottingham Meetup 7pm Thursday 19th January 2023

First 2023 Bitcoin Nottingham Meetup & Lightning Workshop

Join us at the first Bitcoin Meetup of the year! You might have noticed this year has got started and the holidays are but a distant memory already! Come and forget yourself for a few hours as we explore the wonderful and fascinating world of Bitcoin and what is in store for 2023.

We have various talking points to help you understand bitcoin like the 21million limited supply, the halvings every 4 years, and just what is the fortnightly difficult adjustment anyway?!

All that plus the latest news on how Bitcoin is actually carbon negative already, and helping developing nations regulate their power grids. We will also be demonstrating the latest Bitcoin Shop websites and how the Bitcoin Lightning technology makes this possible with its immediate and very low cost settlements between you and any other person in the world 24x7x365!

Bring your phone or laptop to receive a free fraction of bitcoin (100 satoshis) on the night.

First question: How much is 100 satoshis in GBP?

Please confirm it you plan on attending via the Meetup event page

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